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What is this?

OGMinecraft is a marketplace in which you can buy, or sell original Minecraft accounts.

What does OG mean?

OG stands for original; in this case, original Minecraft names. Almost every half decent Minecraft username has been taken so people are forced to add meaningless numbers to their name. Here, they can find names that actually mean something.

How do I buy one?

OGMinecraft cannot sell Minecraft accounts directly, or it would be violating Mojang's EULA; however, we do provide you two ways to contact the seller which you can see in their profile.

Is this breaking the EULA?

No. OGMinecraft does not directly sell anything.

Can't Mojang delete all of these accounts?

Some people think that since they are trying to sell their account, they are breaking the EULA and Mojang can rightfully delete their account; however, this is not true. Mojang's EULA states that you may not sell anything they made. There is a big difference in trying to sell something, and actually selling it.

What if I get scammed?

The verification system prevents people from claiming they own an account when they really do not, but this does not prevent them from scamming you. Be careful when buying, or selling an account and remember that OGMinecraft is not responsible for anything that happens.

What if my account gets locked?

We are not responsible for any of your accounts getting deleted, or locked which is why we advise you to only post names that you have the transaction id (TID) for.
Selling Accounts


Before you can list your Minecraft account, you must sign up. Press the 'Login' button on the header above and then press 'Click here to register.'

Adding an Account

After you have created your account you will be redirected to your profile page. There you can press 'Add Name' where you will be prompted to enter the username of the account you want to add.


In order to verify your ownership of the account, you must change the account's skin to your unique verification skin. This skin can be found on the 'Add Name' page in your profile. The colors will be random giving it a rainbow feel.


After you have changed your skin, you can press the 'Add Account' button and if successful, the account will be added.

Top Names

The top names list above displays the most valuable names listed here. You can apply to have one of your names become a top name by going to your profile, finding the name you want, and pressing 'Apply.' Since the top names are reviewed by hand, it will take time to decide whether your name is valuable enough. If it is, it will be accepted and added to the front page which loads a maximum of five random names that change every five